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Three Reasons To Get Collision And Comprehensive Insurance For Your Car

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Deciding on how much coverage to get for your car can be a difficult process. Of course, each state will have minimum requirements for liability and property damage. This is protection for the damage you do to another car and any injuries to people. But what can be tricky is in knowing how much of the optional insurance you should buy. Most of this insurance falls under the category of collision and comprehensive insurance. The following are reasons to consider getting this type of insurance. Collision insurance This insurance covers damages to your car when you are in an accident with another vehicle and it is your fault. Often, car owners will think that this coverage is not important. All you need to do is drive carefully. You only need to worry about the other drivers on the road. But the problem with this type of thinking is that accidents will happen. That’s why they’re called accidents. If you depend upon your car for transportation, then you owe it to yourself to get this coverage. It doesn’t have to be expensive. There are deductibles associated with collision insurance, so if you have a high deductible, your premiums will be lower. Comprehensive for vandalism You may have theft coverage for your car, but what do you do if your car is vandalized? Theft will not cover this. You can wake up one morning and as you go to your car to drive to work, you may find your car vandalized to the point where it cannot be driven. People have had their cars broken into by thieves looking for spare change. And this is only one example of vandalism. Having comprehensive insurance will allow you to get the needed repairs quickly, and keep your car on the road. Comprehensive for natural occurrences This covers a wide variety of situations. Some of this damage comes from weather such as hail in a thunderstorm. There is also damage that is common from high winds. Regardless of where you live, when the wind speeds are high enough, almost anything airborne can potentially damage your car. But there can also be damage to your car even when the weather is nice. You can be parked underneath a tree when a large, dying tree branch gives way and crashes onto your car. Like the vandalism mentioned above, this type of damage can happen without warning, and there is no insurance company to call but your own, so you need this coverage in your policy. You should consider the coverage listed above even if you have an older model car. Both collision and comprehensive can be valuable in keeping your car operational when the unexpected happens. For more information, contact companies like House-Chilson &...

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City Driver? Here Are Three Ways To Keep Your Insurance Rates Low

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If you find yourself frequently driving in the city, it’s beneficial to think about how your driving habits can influence your auto insurance rates. It’s especially important to be vigilant about smart-driving decisions when you’re traveling in the city, given the congested traffic and other issues that can quickly lead to an accident. Here are three ways to approach your city travel with keeping a low insurance rate in mind. Avoid Rush Hour You have an increased risk of being involved in an accident during rush hour. During this time in the morning and early evening, many motorists are rushing to reach their destination and several are driving distracted by using their cellphones. Close bumper-to-bumper traffic can often lead to fender benders, and when you add pedestrians to the mix, it can be hard to predict the movements of other drivers. All this means that if you can find a way to avoid driving in the city during rush hour, you’re increasing your chance of avoiding an accident that will increase your insurance rates. If you work downtown, changing your hours can often get you out of rush hour; otherwise, finding a different route that skirts around the city instead of straight through it can be advantageous. Research Red Light Cameras Automobile accidents aren’t the only thing that can cause your insurance rates to climb. If you find yourself getting ticketed because of a red light violation incurred while you were rushing or trying to beat traffic, you could be looking at a rates increase. Intersections with red light cameras are especially risky as they can catch the slightest violation. Look online to find the location of these cameras throughout your city; they’re typically disclosed on municipal government or police websites. Memorize the intersections that you use and remember to always stop on a yellow signal for cameras rather than try to race through. Park Smartly The manner in which you park in the city can affect your insurance rates negatively or positively. Parking in an unsecured area or on the street can leave you susceptible to a vehicle break-in or another motorist side-swiping your car. And if you haven’t updated your policy with add-ons, you may not even be covered by those kinds of issues! Even if it costs a little more, find a parking lot that’s monitored by guards or cameras. You will have less of a chance of running into an issue and, in turn, this parking decision will help you keep your insurance rates...

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Four Things To Ask About With New Auto Insurance Policies

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When you’re going to the table to take out a new auto insurance policy to replace an old one, what do you have to know and what do you have to ask? Read on for a list of questions that will help you to get what you need on the auto insurance market. Bundling Lots of companies today are offering special bundling packages. It’s kind of like what your cable provider might do with phone, Internet and television. They offer you a much better deal if you purchase two or more services. So if you own a house, and you have a car, you can often get a good discount by combining those two policies together at one company, rather than having them insured separately by two different firms. Cancellation Policies Another big detail in car insurance shopping is the cancellation of a previous policy. You have to ask about how to handle existing cancellation for changing the policy over, and you should also ask about what might happen in the future if you decide to go with another company. Customers who aren’t careful might end up with the problem of getting double billed. Some auto insurance companies will provide services to effectively cancel a policy, but the customer will usually need to provide a signature. Make sure the details are completed when the policy is changed, so that you don’t keep getting bills from your previous insurer. Ask About Payment Options Most companies allow you to pay for your auto insurance in a way that’s convenient for you. First of all, you can select monthly payments or other longer-term payments. For example, a lot of customers like semiannual payments because you save on postage and checks. Or you may even be able to just pay once a year. Or, increasingly, you can decide to go paperless entirely. Most companies will let you send in an automatic bank draft authorization, so your payments can be taken out of your account automatically. That means you won’t have to do anything when your next insurance bill comes around. It’s up to you, according to how you can best track your finances and keep on top of bills in your home. Other Discounts Companies might also offer you discounts based on military service, academic status, company affiliation or even marital status. Ask and you can receive lots of dollars off of your auto insurance premiums. Contact a local company, like Peake Insurance Agency, for more...

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Somebody’s Tracking You – But It Might Get You A Discount On Your Car Insurance

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One of the newest trends in auto insurance is to calculate insurance rates based on the number of miles you actually drive, instead of an estimated or average number. This is one of the forms of “green” car insurance designed for eco-minded drivers. Also known as the “pay-as-you-drive” plan, it has become popular with drivers who want to save as much as they can – and who don’t mind someone knowing their every move. How it Works To enroll in pay-as-you-drive insurance, a driver agrees to let the insurance company install a tracking device in their vehicle. The tracking unit records the mileage, time of day when the car is driven, and driving habits like hard braking or excessive speed. More sophisticated units use GPS systems that also detect the driver’s location, speed and traffic features, such as posted speed limits and one-way streets. The tracker reports the mileage monthly, and the insurance company bills according to the rates for the total number of miles per year. How It Saves Money Drivers save because they usually end up driving less than the insurance company predicts they will. Insurance companies base their rates on statistics of past claims. They examine many factors including the driver’s age, location, type of driving and average annual mileage, among others. Although actuaries use proprietary formulas to analyze these factors and come up with rates, mileage and claims are strongly correlated. If the tracking device reports that you are driving fewer miles than the insurance company predicted you would, you are billed at a lower rate. This is because, statistically speaking, you are less likely to file a claim. How It Benefits You Insurance companies know that tracking units make safer drivers– when you know you are being monitored, you tend to drive better. You’ll be more conscientious of speed limits and pay more attention to traffic signals and stop signs. All these things reduce the likelihood of getting traffic tickets or having accidents, both of which raise car insurance rates. Why It’s Green When customers are being billed per mile, they’re more aware of how often they drive. Drivers think twice about making needless trips, and are more likely to carpool or avoid driving whenever possible. This saves fuel and also reduces exhaust and pollution, making pay-as-you-drive insurance environmentally friendly. Most green insurance programs offer an immediate discount just for enrolling, and there is no penalty for high mileage – you would simply pay your normal premium. But if you work from home or just don’t drive that much, it’s worth asking an insurance company like Manassero Insurance Agency Inc if it offers a pay-as-you-drive option that could get you a...

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4 Things To Consider When Seeking Lower Car Insurance Costs

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If you’re like most people, you are always looking for ways to lower your car insurance costs. Luckily, there are steps you can take before buying a policy that may help you get lower rates. Here are just some of things to consider doing when you want to lower your car insurance rates. Work on Improving Your Credit Score Many insurance companies use your current credit score as one factor in your premium. To save money when you’re buying a policy, make sure you have taken steps to improve your credit score. Get a copy of your credit report and look for any mistakes, and be sure to pay your bills on time. You can boost your credit score by keeping your credit card balances low and paying off debt as quickly as you can. Talk to Your Home Insurance Provider If you already own a home, you are likely to have home insurance. Many companies that offer home insurance also offer car insurance, and if you bundle the two policies together, you may be eligible for discounts. Before choosing a car insurance policy, check with your home insurance carrier first. Reconsider Coverage on an Older Car If your car is more than a few years old, the amount you pay to insure the car may be more than you would get if you ever had to file a claim. Before buying an auto policy, ask about the minimum required coverage for your old car, which might be less than you are currently paying. Then, find out what the trade-in value of your car might be by going to an auto dealer or using some online estimators. You can then make an informed decision about whether you want to stick with your current coverage or move to a policy that only offers minimal coverage.  Move to a Safer Neighborhood You may not know this, but many insurance companies consider your location as a factor when coming up with insurance premiums. For instance, those in Detroit, Michigan pay steeper prices than those in the suburbs, in part because of the higher crime rate there. While you may not be able to move right now, moving to a better neighborhood is yet another thing that can keep your car insurance rates low. Use the information in this article to help you get lower prices on your car insurance. Talk to an experienced auto insurance agent, such as Able Insurance Agency, to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for the policy you...

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What Information You Need In Order To Process An Insurance Claim For A Car Accident

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A car accident can be an extremely stressful and emotional experience that can leave you not thinking clearly. When an accident happens there are a number of things that you need in order to be able to properly file an insurance claim. Here is a step-by-step set of instructions some of the information you will be required to submit in order to file an insurance claim. 1 – The first call you make when an accident happens is to the police. You should always report an accident to ensure that there is a police report filed. The police officer that is called to the scene will gather all the evidence and lay charges on the driver that was at fault. The police officer can interview witnesses and get statements. Ask for a copy of the police report when he’s finished so that you can submit it with you insurance claim so the insurance agent can reference it to know exactly what happened. 2 – Snap pictures of the damage to your car and the other car involved. In addition to the police report the insurance company will want to either see the car or see photos of the damage done to both vehicles. Take pictures from a few different angles and the location of both vehicles, stop lights, stop signs and any other important details. Submit the photos along with the police report. 3 – Make sure you have the information for the driver of the other vehicle. You will be required to collect their name, address, phone number, driver’s license number, insurance company and policy number. These will all be required for your insurance company to contact the other insurance provider to sort out payments or get the damage fixed on either vehicle. 4 – Get a couple different estimates done by various auto body shops or mechanics on what it will cost to have the damage repaired. You should always get a couple different mechanics to submit estimates and submit everything to the insurance provider so they can select where they want you to take the car to get fixed. You are welcome to suggest to them what mechanic you would prefer to use, but keep in mind the insurance company may have a mechanic that they want to use. You should contact your auto insurance provider, like H and M Insurance, immediately after an accident happens and report everything directly to them. Providing the information listed above to your insurance agent can help to speed up the amount of time it takes to process your...

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Learn How To Set Up A Renters Insurance Policy Properly

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When you live in a rental property, it is important to know that the homeowner’s insurance the property owner has on the property may not cover your belongings if a fire were to occur. It is important to get renters insurance to make sure that your belongings are covered if they ever need to be replaced. Use the following guide to learn how to establish a new renters insurance policy the right way. Compare Before getting any renters insurance policy, it is important to compare the policies that are available. You want to be sure that you get enough coverage to cover the items you have. The differences in coverage of the policies are often dictated by the amount of value assessed to your belongings. The more valuable your belongings are, the higher amount of coverage you will need.    Bundle If you already have a car insurance policy with an insurance agency, talk to an agent to find out if the company offers any discounts for bundling your renters insurance policy with your car insurance. Many companies will discount the amount they charge for both policies, if you bundle them together. Document You need to be sure that you take the time to document all of the items that you have in your home. Take pictures of the items and store the pictures onto a virtual picture storage site so that you can easily get to the pictures when needed. If you store the pictures in the house and it burns down or floods, the pictures will be ruined and you will not have any proof of the items that you had in the house. You will also be able to submit the pictures through email, which may make the claims process go a bit quicker. Amend Understand that amending your renters insurance policy on a regular basis is important. As you upgrade the furniture or electronics in your home, it is important to let your insurance company know. Coverage for a $1000 home surround sound system will be different than coverage for a $10 radio. You want to be sure you always have the right amount of coverage for the belongings you own. If you follow the advice provided above when setting up a renters insurance policy, you will get the coverage you need to ensure that your belongings will be replaced if they are damaged or stolen. Submitting a claim will be quick and easy, if you have documented everything ahead of time. For more information, contact a company like Advanced Auto...

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2 Calls You Can’t Afford Not To Make When Renting A Car

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With the number of people traveling for both work and play, the number of car rentals has increased. Most people rent a car at least once per year, and there are about 1,626,561 rental cars in operation in the United States in any given year. If you have plans to utilize a rental car during your next trip, it may be beneficial for you to invest in supplemental auto insurance. To better determine if additional insurance should be purchased from the rental car agency, you need to make the following 2 phone calls. 1. Contact your personal auto insurance agent. Many of the additional insurance options offered through a rental car agency may already by covered by your existing car insurance. Before renting a vehicle, be sure that you call your agent to ask if you have the following types of coverage: Personal Effects Coverage- If your existing insurance policy reimburses you for the loss of personal property due to theft or accident, this coverage should apply to any vehicles you rent. If you do not have personal effects coverage, you may want to purchase this insurance through the rental car agency.   Collision Insurance- In the event that you become involved in an accident, your existing insurance policy should cover any damages your rental vehicle sustains. Be sure to ask your insurance agent about the amount of coverage available through your existing policy. Additional coverage can be purchased through the rental agency for $10-$20 per day. 2. Contact a representative from your credit card company. Many travelers who rent vehicles opt to pay for their rental fees with a credit card. Many major credit card providers offer purchase protections that apply to rental cars. When you contact a representative from your credit card company, be sure that you ask the following questions to ensure that your rental car will be covered in the event of an accident: Secondary Insurance- Most credit card companies offer a form of insurance known as secondary insurance when it comes to rental car coverage. This means that should an accident occur, your credit card company will reimburse you for any damages not covered by your auto insurance carrier. If your credit card only provides secondary insurance, you must ensure that you have primary insurance coverage through your auto insurance agent or through the rental company.   Antique Car Coverage- Almost all credit card companies excluded antique cars from coverage. If you are planning to rent a car that was made more than 20 years ago, or has been out of production for at least 10 years, then you will want to verify whether or not your credit card company will insure your rental. Taking the time to call both your auto insurance agent and your credit card company prior to renting a vehicle will help you ensure that your car rental is insured properly. Contact a company like Angel Auto Insurance for more...

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